Finally, you can go for a workout and leave your iPhone behind!

  • Copy podcasts to your Apple Watch and listen through its speaker or bluetooth headphones
  • Podcasts play in the background while you track your workout with your favorite app
  • Use the iOS app to subscribe to podcasts, download episodes and transfer to your watch
  • Playback progress is shared between your phone and watch so you can seamlessly resume listening where you left off

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Why is the volume low on the watch?
Apple does not let developers change the system volume directly. To get max volume:
  • Increase the app volume using the slider at the bottom of the playback screen.
  • If you're using a bluetooth headset with a volume button, use it to increase the system volume.
  • If you're using AirPods or another headset without a volume button, do the following:
    • Open the music app and play a song
    • Set the volume to max in the "Now Playing" app
    • Now when you return to play a podcast, the volume should be higher
Why is my transfer stuck at 0%?
Your watch tries to decide the best time to transfer data to preserve power. Low battery (on your watch or phone) and/or poor network connectivity decrease the amount of time given to the transfer, so charge your devices and get closer to a wifi router. Also keep in mind that downloads will continue in the background.

Your best bet is to set up autodownloading and autosyncing so a relevant podcast will always be ready on your watch.

How do I complete the in-app purchase?
The app is free to use with all features unlocked for up to two podcasts. You will be prompted to make the purchase after subscribing to a third podcast. Thanks!

Watchcast does not collect, store or transmit any personal information.

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